Proverb on where there is a will there is a way

In our life we must fight with many difficulties and obstacle. Some of us are afraid of these. They cannot overcome them. These people can never attain success in life. But if we are determined to attain our goal of life, difficulties and obstacles cannot stand in our way. We must have courage, patience, perseverance and industry. We must then find a way out of the difficulties and reach our goal. We students must remember this truth. Poverty cannot stand in the way of a persevering student with resolute will so shine in this world. There are many examples of poor students who shone in life by dint of industry, patience and perseverance. They were never daunted by failures or misfortunes. They had a resolute will and they found out a way to attain success in life. We know the story of the thirsty crow and the pitcher. The crow was thirsty. It was determined to drink water. At least it found out a way to satisfy its thirst.

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We must have resolute will. It will urge us on to reach our goal. Once Napoleon had to cross the Alps in winter. His soldiers thought it was impossible to cross the Alps in such bitter cold. It was then covered with snow. Napoleon had iron will. He said that they must find out a way to cross it. Cold winter or snow could not stand on his way. And he was able to cross the Alps.

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