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It is six decades since constitution of India was adopted on 26th of January, 1950. Our constitution has witnessed several governments under the banner of one political party or the other coming and going but the constitution remaining as it was with some amendments brought about from time to time as per needs of the nation. In view of the changing circumstances and needs of the nations the N.D.A. Government of 22 parties headed by Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee has set up a National Commission headed by former Chief Justice Shri M.N. Venkatachellia to review the working of the constitution. The commission is to examine in the light of the last 50 years how best the constitution can respond to the changing needs of an efficiency effective and smooth system of government within the frame work parliamentary democracy and without interfering with its basic structure and salient features.

Govt’s decision to set a panel to review the constitution has met with severe criticism by the opposition parties. They allege that this is a deliberate attempt to saffron’s the statutes. There was also a warning from our president that we should avoid too much rigidity in our system of government as a very rigid system (presidential form of government) involves danger of explosion in the society.

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The opposition parties including the congress, the Samajwadi party and the leftist group apprehend that constitutional changes may be give more power into the hands of regional parties like the Samta party, The Janta dal, the Akali Dal, Trinmool Congress and others and more power to these parties may result in longer life to the B.J.P. led alliance. It may also push the congress further into irrelevance and oblivion.

Need for a new look into the constitution was for the first time felt after Indira Gandhi’s declaration of emergency though it was swept under the mat with the congress’ return to power in 1980. But the party’s performance since 1997 and the consequent emergence of coaclition governments, the need for revising the constitution is being felt. The main issue behind the demand is to define the relation between the center and the states, for all practical purpose, should be given more power in administration.

Nothing can be said about the areas which need a change as no specific reference has been made to the commission. But broadly it may be assumed that the areas which may draw attention of the commission are: (i) decentralization of power, (ii) stability at the centre, (iii) Judicial accountability, (iv) Power of the central Government to dismiss state governments and (v) financial autonomy of the states.

The composition of the commission indicates that constitutional reforms that may be suggested will certainly not be political because the body cannot be expected to carry the extra luggage of politicians as its members are uncommitted intellectuals. Congress party and the leftist group are in a dilemma. They oppose it for the sake of opposition whereas the issues involved in the review are such that the expected future alliance of the congress party will not be opposed to them. The leftists hitherto have been clamoring for more power to the states.


To conclude, no major change in the constitution is possible under the existing composition of the parliament. Hence the debate will linger on and this may definitely be to the advantage of B.J.P. and its allies in next elections.

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