Sample essay on my aim in life

Many people seem to have no definite aim in life. They are like ships without rudder or compass, sailing to no definite port, blown hither and thither with every change of wind. They live an aimless life and what they become is largely a matter of chance, determined by circumstances in which they happen to be placed. Such people, because they aim at nothing, achieve nothing. They are human driftwood, washed away by the ebb and flow of the tides. To achieve something in life, a man must have a definite aim of some sort. A man striving to realize a clearly defined ideal is like a steamship steaming by compass to a known destination. He is not dependent upon the circumstances. He forges ahead and faces all the odds that hinder his path of progress. His innate energy, moral courage remind him only of one thing and that is his aim in life. His determination to attain his aim carries him forward and obstacles in his way do not lead him astray. He makes the maxim where there is a will there is a way, true in the real sense.

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An ideal person keeps before him an ideal. He always strives to achieve his ideal. It is always something beyond our present attainment; for when we realize it, it ceases to be an ideal. Because it is beyond our reach and because we greatly desire it, our aim in life, whatever it be rouses us to put forth effort to reach it. A man who has the aim of climbing a mountain climbs.

Different people have different aims in life. Some aim at wealth. Their main aim in life is to amass huge wealth. They are ready to employ foul means to have heaps of wealth piled up. In their pursuit for wealth they even do not mind losing their health. Later on they realize the futility of their aim and repent, but then it is too late. Some aim at getting power. They want to be intoxicated with power. They derive great pleasure when they command and their subordinates bow themselves before their dictatorial attitude.


Intellectuals aim at achieving excellence in art, science or similar field. They do not bother about the tall talk of the people. They always struggle to fulfill their aim in life. They want to have store of knowledge and achieve great heights of fame and glory. They feel elevated when they get scholarships or prizes, national and international. An artist wants to make a masterpiece. His aim in life is to make a work of art that should be immortal in the world of art. A statesman aims at carrying through great schemes for his country’ s advance­ment; a devout man has before him a high ideal of goodness and is not satisfied till he attains it.

But if it is so necessary to have some aim in life, it is still more necessary to see that one’s aim one’s ideal is noble and good. If we try to achieve a high aim by foul means it loses its charm. This kind of achievement cannot satisfy the inner urge of a person. For the more earnestly we strive to attain our aim the more surely we realize it. In all cases the ideal a man sets before himself determines his nature, character and even behavior. If he aims at attainment of a noble aim, employs noble means for the achievement of his ideal he will naturally be a noble man. If his ideal is base he will be ignoble in his character. To conclude we may say that a person should have a noble aim in life. He should strive hard honestly, sincerely and laboriously to achieve it.

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