Sample friendly letter to your friend

My dear Name,

I am glad to tell you one happy news. We have purchased a radio set. I had a desire for a long time to have a radio set in our house. I felt want keenly. You may ask why I felt it. I think it is a necessity now.

You live in the city. You may enjoy things which we cannot. You have got theaters and cinemas in the city. You may witness game in the maidan. But we are far away in the village. We have not theater or cinema here. We have, no doubt, a playground. But that not satisfy our desire to witness the games of renowned players not only of West Bengal but also other States of India. Now, we have got our radio set. Everyday we listen to the music of famous artistes when we are free. We here the dramatic performances, though we cannot actually see the actors and actresses on the stage. The running commentaries of important games are relayed. We can now listen to the commentaries.

Though we cannot actually see the games like you, we seem to see before our mind’s eye the players as they go o9n playing. This has been now possible only for the radio set. The female members of our house listen to the talks given in the Mahila Mahal programme. This is a great gain. Instead of gossiping, they utilize the time better at noon. It has educative value. These talks broaden their outlook. Many experts give talk on various subjects over the radio. We listen to these talks which add to our knowledge.


My father is the headman of the village. Naturally we command some respect of the villagers. Most of them are farmers and artisans. In the evening many of the elderly men among them come to our house. They are much interested to listening to the programme of Pallimangal Ashar. It is an important programme for the villagers. Most of them have learnt only the three R’s. So this programme serves as an important medium of spreading education among these men. They are learning many things regarding the welfare of the villagers.

Lastly, in our village we get the daily edition of the newspaper. So we get the current news one day later than you do through the town edition. But the radio broadcast the news. And we get it at the same time as you do in Calcutta. For all these things I tell you that the radio set is a necessity and a long-felt want has now been removed.

We all right here. Hopping to hear from you soon,

Yours sincerely,





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