Sample job application letter for the post of a Secretary

This is a sample job application letter for the post of a Secretary.






Company / Firm Name


Dear Sir,


Is there a need in your firm at this time for a Secretary with several years of experience in the automotive field ?

Within a few weeks, the Motor Parts Division of the …………… Motors Company, where I am employed as Secretary to the Managing Director, will move its offices to New Delhi. I have been offered the same position in the new location, but my parents being in Mumbai, I have decided to remain here and seek fresh employment.

In my present position, it has been my responsibility to relieve the Managing Director of many time-consuming details. Among them are replying to letters of routine nature, arranging business and social engagements, and diverting telephone inquiries to other executives. In addition, it has been of paramount importance that I treat most matters with strict confidence and that I exercise good judgment and diplomacy at all times.

I have supplemented my practical knowledge of business by studying postal course of British Institute in Secretrial Practice and Office Management. The study of these courses has given me a fairly good understanding of business techniques and office procedures. This knowledge plus my being a graduate with an intensified course in business English has proved to be invaluable in my handling of correspondence.


I would like to become a part of your organisation because I feel I can provide you with a high standard of efficiency you expect from your secretaries. With this thought in mind, I am enclosing a personal history sheet which outlines my ten years of experience with top executives.

If you feel that my background qualifies me for a position ‘ with your firm, I shall appreciate a personal interview at your convenience. I sincerely believe that such a meeting would be mutually advantageous.

Yours faithfully,


Secretary – Cairo | Tawzeef Masry

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Personal History Sheet

Position Desired : Secretary to executive
Age : 25 years
Single/Married : Single

Education : High School— …………… High School, Mumbai. College …………………………(name), Mumbai. Both in School and College I was granted a free scholarship on account of my always standing first in my class. In my Arts degree also I got first class.

Experience : Present— Company ……………, Mumbai. My first assignment here was in the stenographic department. Within a year I was promoted to Secretary to the Managing Director. My duties have included taking dictation at Board Meetings, handling correspondence of the most confidential content, preparing memoranda for submission to the Executive Committee, plus many other diversified activities of a secretarial nature.

(year)…………… to ……………, National Research Deve­lopment Corporation, Mumbai — Secretary to the Regional Director. In this position I served as Secretary to the Personnel Management Committee preparing minutes of the meetings and submitting them to the Executive Committees. I also performed the usual secretarial duties and became familiar with all phases of personnel administration. I resigned from this job because I felt it offered little opportunity for advancement.

…………… to ……………(year), United Advertising Agency, Mumbai, —Secretary to the Advertising Manager. In addition to performing all secretarial duties, I wrote some of the advertising copy. I resigned as the Agency shifted its head office to Bombay.

References : Mr. …………………………, Managing Director, National Research Development Corporation.

Hobbies : Badminton, Reading and Dancing.

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