Short Essay on Basketball (520 Words)

Basketball is a team sport which has immense popularity and played with the help of a ball that is shot into a basket positioned horizontally.

The objective to shoot the ball is scores which are gained by following certain rules of the game.

The game is played by 2 teams constituting 5 players each who play on a marked rectangular floor with baskets on both ends.

The game of basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891. James Naismith was a physical education teacher at McGill University and later at Springfield College (then Y.M.CA.) at Springfield, Massachusetts.

Under the guidance of physical education specialist, Luther Halsey Gulick, he invented basketball as an indoor sport.

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Basketball was originally played with soccer ball and Naismith used a peach basket (with non-hollow bottom) nailed at a height of 10 feet above ground on an elevated track.

Considering the manual removal of ball from the basket a drawback, the bottom was removed to take the shape of modern day baskets. Dribbling was not a part of the game originally and evolved eventually until 1950 with balls gaining better shape from manufacturing.

Also the orange ball evolved from the brown ball that was used at the beginning to be more visible. By the year 1906, the peach baskets were replaced by metal hoops with backboard.


A referee tosses the ball between at the center of the court between the two players; one from each team and the player who gets hands on the ball passes it to a teammate.

To score a goal, a team has to shoot the ball through the basket. A shot scored from a distance closer to the basket than the three point line fetches 2 points to the team, while a basket shot from a distance behind the three point line fetches 3 points. The team with maximum scores at the game end is the winner.

For a draw, additional time may be allotted. A player advances towards the basket while running, dribbling or passing the ball to another team mate. A player is not allowed to move holding the ball without dribbling it as it is counted as a foul. Similarly a physical contact that disrupts the other team member or members is counted as a physical foul and the fouled player is awarded a free throw. A player has to snatch the ball from the player of other team without making a foul.

Basketball is a game of techniques and positioning. Passing, shooting, dribbling have to be done in appropriate manner and players have to be positioned right to offend and defend to achieve or prevent a goal. Height of the team members gives an advantage in shooting and taller members are positioned appropriately at the “center”, “power forward” and “small forward” positions. Shorter members with right ball handling skills proficient in speed play stay in “point guard” or “shooting guard” positions.


Basketball is played at competitive levels with a carefully marked and maintained court, but variations of it are also used for casual play. Basketball is a team sport is common in rural as well as city areas, in schools as well as colleges.

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