Short Essay on Child’s Socialization in School

After the home, the child is exposed to the school which also influences him, for the school is nothing less than a miniature society to him.

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It socializes him, gives him an opportunity to manifest his qualities, instincts, drives and motives, and helps to develop his personality.

For the child, the educator’s personality and character provide a model which he strives to copy, thereby consciously or unconsciously mounding his personality.


This is true only of those teachers who succeed in arousing in the child’s mind an attachment and love for themselves. Every little action, every movement, speech, etc. impresses itself on the child’s mind On the other hand, he is often repelled by some teachers, and he wants to contradict them through every act.

This repulsion may be conscious or unconscious, but it drives the child away from such a teacher. The child is attracted by the other teacher who wins his sympathy, and it is from this teacher that the child wants to win praise and appreciation.

He fears the frown of his teacher, he imitates him persistently. Apart from the teacher the child is also influenced by his colleagues, and his status and role in his school groups plays a large part in determining the status and role he is to occupy in society in later life.

During the process of education, the child’s personality develops under the impact of the other Personalities with whom he comes into contact. In the school the child is disciplined.


He is aware that disobedience brings immediate Punishment, but too strict a system of discipline restricts the child’s Central growth and may even drive him to criminal activity.

In this manner, the human personality is profoundly influenced both by the home and the school, of the two, family influence lasts for a longer time and is more comprehensive.

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