Short Essay on Educational Policy of Bentinck

The Occidental-oriented controversy lasted for about twenty- two years. Ultimately on February 2, 1935, Lord Bentinck gave his approval to the policy advocated by Lord Macaulay. The substance of Lord Bentinck declaration was as below:

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1. The British rule in India will propagate European science and literature in the country and the money sanctioned or to be sanctioned for education will be utilized towards this goal.

2. The old institutions will not be closed and the financial assistance already given to them will be continued. But neither the Government will give stipends to new students in the old institutions nor will be responsible for their education. But the teachers in them will be appointed by the Government.


3. The Government will not help in printing and publication of literature in Indian languages nor will publish them itself.

4. Whatever money is saved as a result of the above policy will be utilized for publishing and propagating European languages, literature and science.

The Orientalists got a great set-back by Bentinck’s policy. However, Bentinck’s initiated a definite educational policy as the bought fit at the time.

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