Short Essay on Listening is the Key to Learn a Language

It had never come to my mind that one day I will be that person who can speak or at least utter some words either in Turkish or Spanish Languages. My experience as an English Teacher and a Linguist have contributed a lot to my love and passion about languages and multi-cultures in general. To learn a language, simply it doesn’t mean  that you need to studying it hard, consuming your time trying to master 100 words daily or even paying so much money on institutions, lessons and teachers. In fact, by saying that ,I’m not advocating languages learners to give up their schools and classes but rather to pay much attention to one important key that does not cost  them any but to open their EARS widely

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It is a fact not a suggestion or an argument, no one can deny that Listening  has been and still the basic Fabulous gift that we have to be thankful for it for the rest of our lives. Starting with babies’ listening when they imitate their parents’ words and ending with old people suffering hearing loss or weakness, Listening still in the mid of many various tools to communicate and learn languages.


I’m writing this essay right now to urge all language learners to firstly listen, then speak, write, read whatever but listening is what you firstly should do when trying to learn a language .let you ears feel the tune of these new words and lines, and do not be shocked if you find your self hardly listening to every complex or long complicated words and sentences, this is just the beginning. You should take in your consideration the more you listen the more you ears will be accustomed to acquire and learn new vocabulary .As a result, one day you will be surprised for finding your self able to utter and speak the words and even compose grammatically correct statements similar to those you have listened to as matter of fact, this is what has happened with me while I was Learning foreign languages. Even there were some languages that I did learn them unintentionally, such as spanish and Turkish. My exposure to both languages comes from my previewing some T.V Turkish and Spanish shows.

In the beginning Was watching them for entertainment but later one I have figured out that I just got infected by those languages, and that’s what I call it, it is a (language infection).It was not my intention to learn those beautiful classical languages, however, I did so.I started to say Turkish ” güle güle ” instead of ”good bye” and spanish ”hola” with silent /h/ instead of ” hi. ”Como estas? ‘‘When I would like to say ” how are you?”, ”teşekkür ederim” when I want to offer thanks.

In conclusion this reminds me of Epictetus when he stated ”We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”.

I highly advise Language Learners to listen as much as they can. So that, then they will have the golden key to speak so many languages and get involved in many various cultures.





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