Short Essay on National Integration

It we wish to retain our hard won freedom, national integration has to be our natural tune. In this integration lie our strength, dignity and hope for future progress.


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The basis of National and emotional integration it is through training of mind heart, that a sense of oneness among the people of the country can be inspired. By emotional integration we mean a feeling of national pride and faith in the nation’s greatness.

When the emotions are conditioned by the idea of national loyalty and are directed towards national welfare, the result is national integration.


It is a feeling among people to share certain common objectives, ideas and giving them high share over smaller. It is feeling of oneness which transcends all groups of cultural differences and connects the different religions, castes and linguist communities into a compact whole.

According to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, “By emotional integration I mean the integration of our minds and hearts, the suppression of feelings of separatism.”

Emotional integration brings about an emotional synthesis of diverse elements.

With the development of this national consciousness, all individuals forget about their selfish interests, personal or group motives, pursue national ideals, contribute to national aspirations and solve all the national problems with all sincerity and devotion.


India is also a nation and we all people, belonging to diverse religions, castes and groups, are its inhabitants. Thus it is a joint responsibility of us all to defend the freedom of our nation.


An individual is an integral part of his nation. An individual is for the nation, the nation is not for the individual. Isolated from his nation, the individual loses his identity, his existence even.

Hence every individual is duty bound to uphold the integrity and strength of his nation and offer his best co-operation in its advancement.


Nationalism is that feeling which inspires all big or small units of a society to rise above the narrow self-centered activities and work in unity and co-operation for national development.

It is an aggressive, dynamic-social organization interlinked with threads of unity and propagates the ideology and policies of national government.

Nationalism is not mere love of one’s place of birth. It includes the essential constituents namely love and regard for the history, culture, religion, language and traditions of the nation.

In short, nationalism means whole-hearted devotion to nation, sense of duty together with obligation and unquestioning faith in its glorious future based on its present well-being and prosperity.

According to Humayun Kabir, “Nationalism is that which depends upon our feelings towards the nation.”

There are two concepts of nationalism-Narrow and Broad. When a country is interested only in its narrow limited interests, it is known-as narrow nationalism.

My country right or wrong is the spirit behind narrow nationalism. This concept is full of dangers and shortcomings. Broader concept of nationalism is related with emotional integration.

The whole world is now so intimately inter-connected that no national can dare live alone and the development of a sense of world citizenship has become just as important as that of national citizenship. In its broader sense, it means bringing about economic, social and cultural differences within tolerable range.

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