Short Essay on TOEFL

English is the language which is spoken mostly in today’s world. Wherever you go especially in America or England, you must encounter with English language. I agree with the statement TOEFL (Test Of English as Foreign Language) is a wonderful test.

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English language has to be learned, if you want to have a good career in the future. If I want to have a good career, there must be an exam such as the the Toefl. It is a great test for measuring English skill. It is universal exam and acceptable exam all around the world. It is a fair exam.

First of all, the TOEFL can measure how well you know how to speak English not only speaking skill, but also other skills like reading, listening and writing. When you get a job, these skills are important to be accepted. The TOEFL ibt provides you to perform if your English perfect or bad. Recently, employers pay special attention to result of your toefl exam in many countries. For instance, when I want to work abroad, I am sure that they want me to have a good score from the TOEFL ibt. That’s why I am studying TOEFL.


Second of all, the TOEFL ibt is acceptable all over the world. If you have an exam such as  the TOEFL, you have privilege to be accepted a job. For example, think that you have a key and the key can open every door. There are many beautiful things behind doors. The toefl exam is look like that key. Another example is that when I was in England, I was looking for a job. But there was a problem. The problem is I don’t have the result of IELTS(International English Language Testing System) which is similar to the TOEFL ibt. It is understood that the TOEFL ibt has to be taken.

Finally, when you hear this word `exam`, what comes to your mind? What comes to my mind is the TOEFL has to be fair to everyone. Because, the TOEFL includes reading, listening, speaking and writing. Some people are good at speaking, on the other hand, others are good at writing or reading. You have to handle with all of them in the TOEFL ibt.

In conclusion, the TOEFL ibt provides us with many advantages to get a good job. The result of TOEFL tell us about a person who can be qualified for job. Also why I agree with the TOEFL ibt is a wonderful test is being fair and acceptable most of the countries in the world.




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