Short Essay on Water

Water is the most abundant substance on the Earth’s surface. The oceans cover some 71 percent of the planet, glaciers and ice caps cover additional area, and water is also found in lakes and streams, in soils and underground reservoir, in the atmosphere, and in the bodies of living organisms.

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Thus water in all its forms – ice, stream and liquid is very familiar to us. Water is having unique property like ice floats on liquid water, much energy consumed when ice melts or water evaporates and water is a excellent solvent for different substances. Humans use water in home, agriculture, industry and for recreation. Water is recycled through Hydrological cycle in earth.

Sources of Water


(1) Inland water: due to rainfall and form water circulation.

(2) Ground water: Rain, snow, dew sinks into ground as underground reserves.

(3) Surface water: lakes, river, ice.

Use and over utilization of Surface and Ground water by man


I. Drinking, cooking, washing, domestic use

II. Aqua culture and fisheries

III. Industrial use

IV. Power generation


V. Ecological conservation

VI. Recreation

Conservation of Water:

(i) Check dam & dam.

(ii) Afforestation.

Problems related to water

(i) Drought

(ii) Floods

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