Short Essay on Women’s Education in Post Vedic Period

Many changes were introduced in women education during the Post-Vedic period. This led to the fall of women education. During the Vedic age the women enjoyed equal educational rights. During the Post-Vedic period they were deprived of the social and religious rights.

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They were not allowed to participate in social functions. Now they did not enjoy the same status as before. Thus the path of their social and mental development was blocked. Ultimately the position of women in society fell down so low that the birth of a girl was regarded as a curse on the family.

But an upward trend again appeared in the status of women during the Upanishadic period. Now they were given social and educational rights again. Once again they were given equal status with men and many women became as learned as men. Many women became Acharya (Principal teacher-Guru) in Ashramas. The name of Gargi may be cited as an example.

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