Smile increases your face value

We have come across through this phrase: Smile! It improves your face value. The sentence set me thinking of the immense value of stretching our cheeks with such difficulty sideways a bit, a rare catch in this present-day hectic, tension-ridden, hurried and harried life. We have no time to smile at others’ but nevertheless find time to laugh at others. It’s the biggest close-up smile (laugh).

They say that face is the mirror of our thought sand it reveals all the feelings and emotions hidden deep inside. And smile adds glow to our face and grace to our personality. To express anger, it is said, we strain more verves, while to smile only a few verves are put to work. With a charming smile, we can do wonders. Others are put to ease with a sweet smile and they feel we are more closer to them. A mere smile even without uttering a word reveals affection, appreciation and at times, sympathy.

Some people manage at least to grin like our air-hostesses. Of course, the latter add an artificial Namaste too. “Laughter is the best medicine.” May ne because it eases our tension, helps the person to establish a good impression. It shows the attitude of the person and willingness to lend a helping hand.

A smiling face gets instant welcome. Though the person may not be of much worth otherwise, the smile makes up the difference. It creates a pleasant feeling in the mind of the onlooker. It helps the person to establish a good impression. It shows the attitude of the person and willingness to lend a helping hand.

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Smile has its own wonder. It enlivens the atmosphere and creates an envy in the minds of the neighbors, to put the ad way ‘neighbors’ envy, owner’s pride”! They say a sprightly child is and asset. We put up a smiling face (“smiling bravely”) in adversities, in moments of sorrow (feeling in depth) and during other trying periods as social obligation. Then of course we can smile away certain embarrassing questions or avoid any commitments by using this harmless signal!

For the salesmen, this is an indispensable work tool he cannot so without it. It is his survival kit, a preface to the gift of the gab he might possess. This can even be described as a bait for his daily bread! Sometimes if we are not quite welcome, the greeting takes the form of a broad grimace. We no doubt enjoy a hearty laugh. But what we actually wish to have the last laugh on certain tricky issues!

With a flash of smile and being vivacious, we spread exuberance around. It makes the gathering scintillating. Like we score a little more mark in the exam simply because of our neat handwriting. In life too, we gain more marks by a cheerful smile and thereby expressing an agreeable face. A tremendous amount of goodwill is gained through his seemingly simple gesture.


Most important benefit of a smiling face is ease of relationship in family. It generates optimism, energy and a keen sense of belonging spontaneously. This collectively leads to togetherness. Isn’t that what a family is all about? Keep smiling and keep your family happy.

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