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The word Internet has been coined from two words-‘Interconnection’ and ‘Network’. Hence it may be defined as network or more precisely Internet work of a number of connecting networks consisting of different types of computers spread all over the world which can share messages and information with each other. Thus internet transmits data such as pictures, written material, audio and video material through fiber optics, telephone lines, satellite links and other media.

Each computer include in the network is under the control of its owner and greater part of the network are overseen by the Government of U.S.A. and its agencies. The internet does not belong to one single authority but it is open and free for everyone.

The functioning of internet is just like an organism not like an organ. If some of the computers framing the network are out of order, the working of the network remains unaffected because the internet traffic can be re-routed. The computer or the computers, as the case may be, at each routing station are called NODES. An internet node determines the type of data being transmitted, destination of the data and the node where it is to go next. Computers, moderns, internet services provides and a telephone connection from the basic requirements for the functioning of the network. Along with these basic requirements, functional equipment in the form of a piece of software known by the name of “Client” is also required to get the information from the network.

IBM Invests $ 3.3 billion to create its division for the Internet ...

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Every computer on the network has a unique number called IP (Internet protocol) address which consists of four numbers between 0 and 255, each separated by a period. This address helps the Internet protocol to identify each computer on the network. IP addresses are given to different Internet service providers (I S Ps) by organizations like Inter NIC. The I S Ps assigns the address to other computers on their network.

Everyone can avail the facility of Internet and can use the available resources. It opens new horizons of communication in various forms. E-mail is used to send message letter form to the other internet users and to Fax-machines. Interactive talk is also possible between two users for discussions. With the use of conferencing software we can have audio and video conference over the internet. Mailing list is also a way of communication by which E-mail message on some specific topic can be automatically sent to a number of users who subscribe that particular mailing list.

Internet is also used for digging up information using a range of tools and techniques. Search engines enable the user to search a data base for required information. Internet can also be used for recreation. Major source of run are interactive games, cartoons, movies, music albums and game software’s. Internet offers services like business communication multimedia education, home shopping and banking.

The revolution brought about by internet is in the field of e-commerce which stands for electronic commerce which means commercial translations which take place electronically on the internet. If you want to buy a new or second hand car, clothing or grocery or even if you want to order for food, it is possible on the net. You can order for any book and it will reach you by post. All you have to do is to order for it while sitting on your computer. The surprising growth of the internet is bound to continue in the future as it provides immense benefit and great convenience to the user.

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