Television and Present Day Students – Essay

Television is a wonderful invention of science. It is an important medium of instruction, education and entertainment. Television has become an addiction in modern times. Students prefer watching entertainment programmes rather than informative ones.

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Some of these programmes contain a lot of vulgar stuff based on sex, crime and violence. They leave a bad impression upon the young minds. They lose interest in games and hobbies. Constant watching of the result of being glued to the television. Children should be guided by the parents to lead a disciplined life.

Television, a miracle of science, was invented by J.L. Baird. It was introduced in India on an experimental basis in Delhi on 15th September, 1959. This was made into a regular service in 1965. With its help one can see live telecasts of various events on the screen while sitting in one’s own house.


Television is an important medium of instruction, education and entertainment. It is a boon for students in a developing country like India. Educational programmes can reach out to the students living in the farthest and remotest parts of the country. Informative programmes like the University Grants Commission’s (UGC’s) special instruction on all the subjects meant for students pursuing distance education, benefit every student. Channels like Discovery and National Geographic are the fountains of knowledge. There are several news channels, which provide information on various national and international events. Programmes on debate and discussion enhance one’s knowledge and reasoning skills.

Television mobilizes public opinion, which is a must for democracy. It helps to focus attention on social and political evils prevailing in the society. It popularizes the government’s plans and policies. Thus, students remain aware of the various events going on in the country and around the world.

In modern times, television has become an addiction. Students remain glued to the idiot box. Educational programmes no longer interest many of them. They prefer watching films, music and serials. They fail to differentiate between good and bad programmes.

Constant viewing of programmes by students really harm them both mentally and physically. Most of the programmes contain a lot of vulgar stuff. They promote sex and violence. contract killings, murders, rape scenes, offering and accepting of bribes etc. are shown in an explicit manner. These scenes influence the innocent minds of children.


Increasing influence of television is being felt on school goers. They like to have their meals with the television switched on. They forget their home work assignments. They are not able to concentrate on studies. They lose interest in playing games and pursuing their hobbies. They prefers watching television rather than playing games. sports events like cricket, tennis, wrestling etc. entertain them a lot. The regularity of life and the punctuality of work gets disturbed. Regular viewing of the television makes them lazy and affects their health.

Television is gradually turning into a health hazard. Constant viewing of the television causes damage to the eyes. Late night television viewing adversely affects the health. It causes indigestion and other health related problems, as there is no physical activity at all. Some children do not et properly as they indulge themselves in television viewing, while some overeat. Today, most children are obese because they spend more time sitting or relaxing in front of the television. Cardiac problems are on the rise because of obesity. People these days suffer from kidney problems, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, depression, etc. The latest survey says that addiction to television is one of the important causes of these diseases.

Recent study says that TV programmes portray higher levels of sexuality for teens and adults than exists in reality. As a result it adds up to early teenage sex. Communication theorists say that as students watch a lot of material like that, they believe that it is reality. In this case, they also do the same. TV also often does not portray the negative consequence of sex, such as unexpected teenage pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. The researchers recommend that this can be rectified by the proper guidance of the parents as well as teachers.

Today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow. If such a routine prevails, the children and youth will have knowledge only about films and related topics and nothing else. This will adversely affect the nation’s growth and development.


However, the medium so powerful and pervasive as television should not be condemned just because people make wrong choices. Watching television is not bad. It is just like a knife which can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables and also for stabbing a person. Much depends on the viewers. The students should watch only those programmes which help them in gaining knowledge. Excess of everything is bad. They should not be glued to the television till late hours.

Young minds should not be exposed to violence. It is the duty of parents to guide their children. For viewing, TV programmes should be selected judiciously. But simply preaching will not help. Parents should also watch informative programmes with their children. They should encourage their children to play games and also participate in co-curricular activities. The government should check the content of the programmes. Movies and Programmes meant for adults should be allowed only at late night. Similarly advertisements which can harm the impressionable minds should be allowed only in late night programmes.

A right mix of watching of different programmes is desirable. Students must watch programmes containing information and knowledge. Once a while other programmes like sports, dance and music will also help them to relax.

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