The Art of Essay Writing

It is exactly not known that who wrote an essay first. But a French writer named Montaigne coined the word essai and called his writing by that name. In French language this word essai means a trial or an attempt to write about ideas, impressions, thoughts, feelings, opinions or even on any given subject.

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Every essay has a purpose. In fact an essay works like any other means of communication. Through an essay we want to express ourselves. But as the ultimate purpose of an essay is to communicate, the language should be intelligible, lucid and attractive. Essay writing is an art in itself, which needs a certain amount of skill and dexterity.

Rules to follow while writing an Essay :

  • To write good essays one should develop interest in reading standard books of renowned authors besides regular reading of periodicals magazines and newspaper.
  • The language of an essay must be correct, good and simple. Always refer to a standard dictionary to increase your vocabulary.
  • Never try to imitate another’s style of writing.
  • Try to use many phrasal verbs as you can.
  • Select a topic and contemplate over it for sometime.
  • Write down the ideas as they come to your mind and arrange the ideas in an orderly manner.
  • Ensure that all ideas are related to the topic.
  • Ensure continuity and every sentence has to evolve from the previous one.
  • Learn to use quotations, proverbs while writing the essays.


Trips on Essay Writing

The starting point in writing a good essay is to have a clear idea about the subject. The secret of clear writing is clear thinking. The subject must be kept in mind throughout so that no irrelevant material creeps into the essay. It should be treated in the way required by the question.

The style employed in writing must be simple and direct. Vary the length of the sentences so that they do not appear monotonous. Try to put your thoughts in your own words and present them in way that is easy to read and digest.

Lastly, the students are advised to read widely as this will increase their knowledge. basic to all good essays are sound facts and interesting ideas.

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