The fruits of labour are sweeter than the gift of fortune

One can relish the reward of labour, because there is some thrill of joy in it. Nothing tastes so sweet as that which is earned by labour. There is some enjoyment in earning. This conscientiousness of labour gives a new glitter to everything what is won. But the gift of fortune comes all of a sudden. It is wind­fall. There can not be the sense of dignity in it. We can imagine that easy got is easy lost.

Labour and the Economy…… | For what it's worth…….

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Against the fruit of labour, however small, can be the beginning of some grand end. Rock Feller earned a few dollars at the age often only, that reward of labour laid down the foundation of his commercial empire. More­over, labour can not be under obligations of anybody. Thus labour is active, cheerful and healthy. Labour is bright: luck is dull.

Labour is active; luck is ideal. So labour works and watches while luck waits-and-waits, wishes for something good. If good luck smiles, where the flavor and favor of conquest? Win your reward with labour and wear it proudly. The price of genuine pleasure is pains. So the fruits and labour are greater and sweeter than the gift of fortunes.

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