The Hardship of Middle Class – Essay

Indian society can broadly be divided into three classes. On the top, there are the rich. They are the people who have got everything in plenty. At the bottom there are the poor. They are ill-fed and ill clad. It is seldom that they have their own houses to live in. In between these two classes, we have the middle class. The people belonging to this class are neither very rich nor very poor. They have to maintain themselves outwardly in a fitting and decent manner.

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The middle class has gone from bad to worse since independence. Mostly the people of this class are servicemen. They get a fixed pay. But prices have risen higher and higher. Taxes have been increased manifold. It has become almost impossible for the middle class to make both ends meet. The prices of even course grains, pulse and cloth have shot up. The middle class is starving.

The middle class is a class of mental workers. To maintain there health and efficiency mental workers require balanced and nourishing food. They must get milk and fruits. But the price of milk has shot up to more than fifteen rupees a litre. Fruits are so costly that only the rich can buy the, So the middle class is unable to get the nourishment it needs. It is losing its health and efficiency. It is also expected to give its children good education. But the high cost of living has made all this impossible for the middle class people. If the present trend continues, this class will no longer be able to maintain its position and status. Unemployment has also adversely affected this class. In fact, it is on the verge of extinction.


The dissatisfaction of the middle class people is dangerous for society. Mostly the people of this group are educated. They understand reality. History tells us they have always been the makers of revolutions. Further, they being the custodian of the customs and traditions of a country, their place in society is very important. So the miserable condition of this class is harmful for the entire nation.

The condition of the middle class must be improved. Articles of daily necessity and ordinary comforts should be made cheap. The Government should give it facilities of free medical and free education. The burden of taxes on this class should be lightened. Salaried people should be provided with the necessities of life at cheap rates. Otherwise the Government should increase their salaries to a comfort level. These suggestions, if implemented, can bring much relief to the suffering middle class people.

Rapid social change make it difficult for the middle class people to adjust themselves to the changed order. This causes great suffering to this class. So changes should be brought about gradually. This will help them in adjusting themselves. In any case, they should be helped to live well.

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