The Id ul Fitr or Roza idd Festival -Essay

The Id ul Fitr or Roza id is one of the greatest and most important festivals. It is celebrated all over the world by all Muslims. This festival is celebrated every year on the next day after the appearance of the month of Ramazan.

Why it is Celebrated

This festival is very important. The Muslims think the thirty day’s fast a great blessing of God. During the months of Ramazan they keep fast. They lead a pious life.

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How it is celebrated

The Muslims make great preparations for this festival. All Muslims, rich and poor, young and old, buy new clothes for themselves. They also get new caps and shoes for the festival. When the new moon is seen just after the thirty days fast, they are made with joy. The next day Id is declared.

All people take their bath in the morning. They put on their best clothes. They rub itr. Children are seen moving in their new clothes. They look very happy. All Muslims give alms to the beggars.

Gathering in Idgah


Then they go to the Idgha for saying prayers. When all have assembled, they stand for prayers. All offer prayers to Allah. After prayers, they embrace each other saying, ‘Id Mubarak’. At the time the rich and poor all meet. They embrace each other like brothers. Then some people go to the graveyard. They offer flowers on the graves of their relatives and friends. They pray to Allah to give peace to their souls. After this they return home. People believe that greater the number of the people, the greater are the blessings of God. So they try to assemble at the Idgah in large numbers.

Exchange of sweets
After returning from Idgah, all people eat the richest and the best food with their friends and relations. Id Mubarak cards are sent to friends and relations.


In the way, id is celebrated by the followers of Islam. This festival is useful too. It teaches to be kind to all the living beings. Fasts and alms have their own value. They give peace and happiness to the people.

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