The Need of Physical Exercise for students ? – Essay

Man is a rational animal. His superiority over other animals lies in his superior mind. In fact, man has been able to control nature due to his highly developed brain. It is all true. But for the development of the intellect, it is necessary that the body, too, should be healthy. ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ is an often quoted saying. The mind can never be healthy, if the body is sick. The death of the body is the death of the mind also. So it is apparent that for intellectual development physical exercise is essential.

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As student have to sit for long hours in the classrooms, they develop numerous bodily defects. Their posture becomes defective. They can neither sit nor stand properly. Their body beings to look very awkward. The back does not remain erect but develops a curvature. Thus, their spines get injured. So for our educational institutions, physical exercise is very important. It is the only way the students can maintain their health. For this very reason other persons also, who carry on sedentary occupations, must take some physical exercise daily.

Our country is very poor. The reason is that the efficiency of our people is very low as compared to the efficiency of the people of other countries. When the efficiency is low the production cannot be increased and the prices cannot be lowered. So, if we wish that the production of the country, should be increased and consequently the goods should become cheaper, the health of the worker must be improved. This makes the need of physical exercise quite clear.


In our country the rate of infant mortality is quite high. The weak health of the parents is its main reason. Sick and diseased parents can beget only weak and diseased children. They must take some physical exercise daily.

Our country is passing through emergency. A powerful enemy, China, faces us with all its might. The responsibility of safeguarding her freedom lies on her youths. Our army needs more and more young man with robust health. As late Pandit Nehru once said, “Every child of Indian shall have to be a soldier of freedom.” Only people with sound healthy, who are bubbling over with bravery and patriotism, can fight for their country’s freedom. It is only through physical exercise that people can have good health.

It is well known that our Government is spending billions of rupees for providing medical facilities. It is busy in fighting various diseases to make society free of them. But medical facilities alone can never solve this problem. It is also well know that diseased attack only those who lose their vitality and vigor. People with sound health may live even in poverty, but they never fall ill. So our people need physical exercise, if they want to have disease free bodies.

In short from the individual, as well as the social point of view, physical exercise is very essential. It is the only way to maintain health. Mental, emotional and physical development of the people can proceed smoothly only if they take physical exercise. So, wherever possible, as in our educational institutions, physical exercise must be made compulsory.

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