The Place of Mother in The Home – Essay

“Home” sweet home,” is the desire of every heart. A home does not consist of a beautiful building. Nor does it only mean physical comforts. Rich, costly and tasty food has got nothing to do with it. There is a particular type of environment which has its own charm and which attracts people towards the home. Now the place of mother in making the atmosphere of a home attractive, is unique. Of all the members of the family, a mother plays the most important role in making the home a paradise on earth.


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The place of mother in her home is most important. She is the embodiment of the noble virtues which have always been held in high esteem in every society. These are the qualities of her head and heart which make the home a place worth living. A mother occupies the highest and the most indispensable place in the home due to the following virtues.

Man has an inborn instinct for love at different stages of his life. We would never be able to live our life happily without love. The love of the mothers is of the highest purest type. She loves all her sons and daughters alike. Even the most ugly of her children is lovely to her in the same way as the other children. The fountain of her heart always remains full of love for her children.


What makes a moth work from morning till night without any expectation of reward ? She is always imbued with a great sense of duty. It is her great sense of duty which keeps her busy all day in domestic work. It may be the chilly winter or the scorching heat or heavy rains, she prepares the food herself. She gets up at 4. P.M in the morning, and after performing other duties, prepares the food in time so that no one of the family members may go to his work without food.

Is is this sense of duty which makes her run the him efficiently. No one can surpass a mother in making sacrifices. She never feels her life to be her own. Indeed, it is meant for others. She is always ready to share the sufferings and sorrows of her children. If there is any one sick in the home, she proves to be best nurse. She may pass days and night without food, but she will never let her children go to bed even once without it. It is her sacrifice which makes every one bow down his head before her.

Generally, people are angry at the shortcomings of other. They lose patience easily. They don’t show tolerance for the point of view of others. But a mother never loses patience. Whatever be the short coming of her children, she always tries to set them right patiently. She shown immense tolerance in the hour of trial and suffering.

All the above virtues makes a moth the central figure in her home. It is true that “East or west, home is the best”. But it can not be best, unless there is a mother in it. It is the mother who, makes everybody in the home happy by her services and self-sacrifice.

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