The Problem of Computerization in Banks – Essay

The advantages of the use of computers in banks, as in other spheres of life, are manifold. This has been demonstrated by the experience of other countries where banks have been computerized on a large scale. The use of computers makes bank transactions easy, accurate and swift. It saves the time of the constituents and eliminates harassment and waste of time. Disposal of cheques become much swifter and the accumulation of the cheques in the clearing house is reduced to a minimum.

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However, the computerization of banks carries with it, its own problems. Computers even the smaller ones, are very costly, and their introduction would place heavy burden on the financial resources of the banks.

For the efficient use of computers, proper environment has to be created. In banks atmospheric disturbance must be reduced to a minimum. There should be no dust and other atmospheric fall outs. Air-conditioning it itself is a costly affair, and many a building in which banks are located at present is not for air-conditioning. Even head-offices and big branches do not have proper building for the purpose. Sufficient infrastructure will have to be provided befog computerization of banks become possible. There are other problems also. Suitable, effective personnel will be needed in large numbers to operate the computers. The staff must have a mathematical base, and should be well-trained in the use of computer. However, this problem can be solved to some extent by sending the present staff in batches to get the training. Total computerization of banks, is therefore, is bound to be a slow, long drawn-out process.


Further, the co-operation of Banks employees’ unions will have to be secured and their fear allayed. Mass media of communication will have to be pressed into service to make the employees realize the advantage of computerization. They will have to be assured that computerization will not lead to any retrenchment. Rather it will open our new venues of employment. A large number of personnel, well-trained in the use of computers, will have to be recruited. Air-conditioning in banks will create more employment. New rooms will have to be added to the present bank offices. Even new buildings may have to be constructed. Industries for the manufactures of computers and computer-parts will have to be set up. All this will generate employment opportunities. Instead of retrenchment, there will be increased employment on a a large scale.

At present the general public holds the employees responsible for any delay or lack of accuracy in bank transactions. Complainants are frequent and often there are abuse and counter-abuses. Sometimes, there are scuffles and man-handling. All this is a cause of great harassment and stress and strain. The use of computers will make all this a thing of past. Once the employees begin to realize all this, the introduction of computers will become easy and smooth.

In short, a proper environment, physical, financial and psychological will have to be created before success in this direction is achieved.

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