Use and Misuse of Animals – Essay

Man has the intelligence to make use of animals for his own benefit. The ways in which man uses animals are many and varied. Sometimes, however, man goes beyond the borders of human decency by misusing the very animals that serve him.

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Take for example the dog. Most people keep dogs as, pets-cum-guards. These faithful animals are fed and looked after in exchange for their vigilance and obedience. Most dog-owners love their dogs and take good care of them. ‘A dog is a man’s best friend’, is a popular saying that is undoubtedly true.

The dog is a very useful animal. It is an indispensable part of the police force, Bomb Detection Squads and a dozen other security organizations. It serves as a guide-dog for the blind, a retriever for the hunter and a clown for the circus. What a versatile and intelligent animal it is!


Yet some so-called human beings abuse them. Dog eating is a habit practiced by some sections of society that consider dog-meat a delicacy, especially so if the dog is tortured to death slowly. So these people indulge in beating the unfortunate dog to death with a stick making sure it dies slowly. The adrenalin that flows through the dog’s body while it is being tortured is supposed to make its meat tender. This cruelty to the helpless dog is detestable. These human culprits should be given a dose of their own medicine. They will know the meaning of pain and torture.

In India, cows are considered sacred objects. They are left alone to do as they please. Only bulls are made use for pulling carts and ploughs. These animals are very much respected by the Hindus as well as others. So the cows and bulls have a reasonably simple life virtually free from abuse and torture.

Other animals that man has domesticated are goats, sheeps, donkeys, horses, camels, yaks, pigs, poultry and cats. They serve as beasts of burden, pets, food, clothing, fuel and for other purposes. Their value to mankind is enormous. However, man’s appreciation for them is not of the same order.

Elephants pull logs, donkeys carry burdens over treacherous terrains, horses make the race clubs rich, camels cross deserts, and cats control mice.


The rats and chickens provide man with food. All of them serve man and the rats and chickens provide man with food. All of them serve man and make their life easier and better. When man abuses these animals it is a crime onto life itself. After all, man and animal share the same earth; we breathe the same air and eat the same food. No one species is privileged over the other. We are equals.

It is up to man to realize his place on this earth so that he will stop misusing animals and start being useful to them for a change. Until now man has taken from the animals and given nothing back. Maybe it is time to change the situation and give the animals what is really due to them.

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