What is Boy Scout ?

What is a Boy Scout

In the army some men are sent to get information about the enemy secretly. They are called scout. But a Boy Scout is a member of a kind of organization. The object of the organizations to develop character and public spirit in boys.

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A popular movement


The present Boy Scout Movement was started toy Sir Robert Baden-Powell. Young school boys are given a trailing on military lines. They are taught to do some useful work. They do much good to the public. Hence people like them. Boy Scouts are now found every where.

Scout movement in India

There are Boy Scouts in India also, Mrs. Annie Besant started the Scouts’ Association. The movement has gradually spread over all the States. In un-divided Bengal it was started by Mr. S.K Mallick in the year 1917, and now in many schools we find Boy Scouts.

The Organization


A batch of Scouts forms a Patrol. About 4 to 6 patrols form a Troop. Several troops form a branch organization. There is a Central Association over all these.
There is a Scout Master over every troop. He is helped by an Assistant Scout Master.

Duties of a Scout

A Scout must promise that he would try his best to do his duty to God and the country. He will always help others and obey Scout Laws. The Boy Scouts have to play many games. These make them strong, active and alert. They have to learn cooking, signaling, first aid and other useful things. They have uniforms, bugles and Iathis. They have to practise drill. They have to pass three testes.



Their duty is to do good to the people. If any man is injured in the street, the Scouts give him First aid’ and they carry him to the hospital. If fire breaks out anywhere, the Scouts go there and try to put it out. In times of war they nurse the wounded in the battle-field. They sometimes carry important messages. Many year ago Scouts lighted the streets of Calcutta when the employees of Cacutta Corporation Struck work and refused to light them. When the sweepers refused to sweep the streets, the Scouts did the work of the sweepers. Thus the Boy Scouts do whatever is useful to society.


The Boy Scout movement is undoubtedly a good movement. Hence all school boys should be members of the Association and try to make themselves good mid useful citizens.

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