What is stupidity and how to enjoy it?

A majority of people believe that stupidity will lead us nowhere. For them it is the worst possible condition in which to spend one’s life, and if possible, it should be completely avoided. According to these people if the symptoms of stupidity are sighted in the early stages, a doctor could easily treat it. If people took a closer look at some of the advantages stupidity had to offer, they wouldn’t have such a pessimistic attitude towards it.

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It’s true that stupidity has certain demerits. Life isn’t a bed of roses. And being stupid doesn’t make it any good. Being stupid can annoy even the most sensitive people. If one acts stupid, and does it wrong crowd, like a group of adults, it is considered as immaturity rather than funny. If one is forced to act stupid while dealing with lower life forms. For example, high school teachers, one may encounter barriers such as cruelty and insensitivity, with the utterance of statement like, “Think with your head straight!” or, “you have a brain, use it.”

Though these are all true, there are still many advantages to stupidity. The very first advantage is easy to understand. Stupid people are never asked to perform heavy work. Many have noticed that people tend to stay away from someone they feel may be stupid. This is for a very good reason. The stupidity, which they possess, makes a name for them, a name that can be very difficult to ward off. Another advantage is that they will have a lot of free time on their hands for more of life’s truly meaningful pleasure. Some of these activities comprise combing facial hair, and counting the pixels on a Thomson TV. Now, there has been a rumor going around that suggests that stupid people have low expectations. This is good. They are so stupid that they don’t realize great from O.K. And some one with the “advantage” of stupidity might have a hard time doing certain tasks, or setting things up. Yet this isn’t all bad. For example, if a stupid person leaves the chore, and comes back to it later, no one will be able to understand it. Would they get fired from their job? No. For the very simple reason that no one would understand his or her work except for him or her. The job would have to be given back to the stupid person, perhaps with a higher salary, or someone would do it for them, leaving them with even more free time!


Free time is great for brainstorming. Still then the ideas stupid people crate tend to be original. For example, when was the last time someone stupid said something, and made one think about it? It seems that people enjoys talking someone who has lots of stupid ideas. And an idea can change one’s life. An example of such an idea would be, “Why are people only remembered after death?” This would suggest that stupid people might have the upper hand when it comes to thinking up original ideas. In fact, the next time someone wants an original idea for something, they should try talking to their local, fellow stupid person. The reason for his is that while a stupid person thinks with his head, he does not do so an organized manner. This is why they have so much creativity. By thinking in this fashion, their ideas flow naturally, without the interruptions, which originated from the editing of thoughts that logical people would have normally. Thus if someone else should say to one, “That was a stupid idea!” This will render the notion false that ‘Stupid minds think alike.’ All stupid minds have different ideas, each idea being original.

The ultimate and everlasting good thing about stupidity is that stupid people are always hard to detect, and often remains anonymous. But it is much easier and ‘pleasing’ for the mind to remember someone belongs to the category of stupid. This is a vital proof about how stupid people last longer in someone’s thoughts. The biggest merit, which arises from stupidity, is that it takes up ½ of DNA genetic space, which is utmost, important for keeping stupidity in the family.

So we have seen that stupid people clearly enjoys many advantages, as long as someone is smart enough to use them. It is important to assimilate that stupid people are like all other humans physically. Yet, because of the difference between smart and stupid people, smart human beings should give them some breathing space. People should learn that someone gifted with stupidity, deserves more respect. After all, they belong to the special class of the society.

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