What is The National Cadet Corps (The N.C.C.) ?

India regained her freedom without bloodshed. This was unique at that time. It showed India’s love for peace. It is still her policy. And it is well known all over the world. But this does not mean that India is weak and has not the power to fight. Our National Government has felt that our neighbours have not this love for peace. They have an aggressive policy. So India must defend herself against foreign aggression. Hence she must have a well-disciplined and well-equiped army. India is now prepared to face any powerful enemy to preserve her hard-earned freedom.

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The need for the N.C.C

If India is unfortunately invaded by any enemy, her regular army will be required to fight with the enemy in the battle front and expel them from our territory. But the home front may be left unprotected. Hence the Government felt the necessity of having a second line of defence. Primarily with this end in view, the National Cadet Corps was formed by the Government in 1948. There was also the question of compulsory military training. The N.C.C. will serve that purpose also to a great extent. Actually, the need was keenly felt at the time of the Chinese aggression in 1962. The Government then decided to increase the number of the cadets. It was practically made compulsory for all fit college students to join the N.C.C. and undergo training under this scheme.


Arrangement for training

The N.C.C. has three wings-the Air Wing, the Land force and the Navy. Under this scheme many schools and colleges were called upon to form a cadet corps in their respective schools and colleges. At first suitable school and college teachers were given military training. When the training was over they went back to their respective schools and colleges. Then they selected boys and girls and gave them training. This training mainly includes regular parades and drills, firing practice, etc. Classes are also held for theoretical lessons about the subject. The teachers and the cadets are given military outfit. The expenses are borne by the Government. The teachers and the cadets wear their uniforms at the time of parade and on particular ceremonial occasions. These regular parades help to make the cadets physically strong and well-disciplined. This training helps them to build up their character. It helps them also to develop fellow-feeling and smartness. At regular intervals military officers of the N.C.C. department visit the schools and colleges to test the progress made by the cadets. There are two divisions of the cadets – the junior and the senior. Boys and girls of the colleges belong to the senior division.

Annual Camping

One special feature of the N.C.C. is the annual camping of the cadets. Every year cadets of both divisions have camps in separate places for a fortnight. This helps them to gain experience of out-door camp life. Here they undergo training under military officers. The teachers who are trained for the purpose accompany them. The cadets of different units mix together. Besides regular parades, they have games and sports. Prizes are given to the winners in games and sports and for proficiency in parades. There is a prize for the best cadet of the camp. Here the cadets have to do many things themselves. This develops in them the spirit of self-help and sense of responsibility and qualities of leadership. The teachers who train the cadets have also to go to camps at different places of India every two or three years. There they have to take refresher courses. When they come back to their respective schools and colleges, they train the cadets in the light of their own training.


Other services of the N.C.C.

Apart from national defence, the cadets perform useful service to society during any emergency by helping flood-stricken and famine-stricken people. They have duties on important public occasions and social functions. Their help may be required to restore order during riots or other disturbances. They may be engaged in doing works for public good.


Many of these cadets may later get opportunities to join the regular defense force. Their previous training will help them greatly to become officers in the defence force. They will have to be useful citizens to defend the freedom of the country.

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