What is virtual reality ?

Virtual reality as of recent, while still extremely new has become the topic of many opposing viewpoints. It has caught the eye of the general public for several reasons. Perhaps, this is mainly because of all the possibilities which virtual reality creates. However, despite the controversy this new technology has aroused, society should not remain skeptical. Virtual reality if used in positive way can bring a great technological advancement. In the past, virtual reality has been nothing more than a small step beyond video games. However, it is now apparent that this technology can be used for more practical purposes. These purposes include national defense, surgical procedures and various other applications. Society has not fully acknowledged the benefits of virtual reality as of yet because it is still under development. The reason for virtual reality remaining in its development for so long is mainly due to its complexity.

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The concept of virtual reality can only be understood by making complex calculations, but with today’s hardware it is very difficult to make such calculations. However, as apparent in recent years, technology is advancing at an extreme rate. In the government’s perspective use of virtual reality it is easy to see how this technology proves useful. Supposing that country got into a war, by using virtual reality pilots instead of real pilots the number of casualties would obviously be less. Pilots would fly their aircraft from a remote location via video and audio equipment in the form of virtual reality. As technology advances over the next several years it will become easier and easier for the pilots to fly planes from a remote location. However, despite all the lives this may save there is a down side. The down side being that perhaps this will stimulate the government to react more easily in a violent way. Without any loss of lives the only thing the government has to lose by attacking are the costs of planes. Integrating virtual reality with society is where the majority of problems occur. It is clearly apparent that because this technology is so new society is unsure how it will fit in. This is also a good example of why people’s opinions are so varied. Some people see virtual reality as just another tool, which will aid society in several ways. Although quite ironic, for a long time society has had a fear that technology will someday take control of their lives.

The technology is becoming so advanced that people will no longer be able to tell whether they are in virtual or actual reality. Technology most definitely has the ability to run out of control. It is possible that virtual reality will be that technology which man is unable to control and will take over all of society. If this were the case, society and the people within it would become uncertain if they were in virtual or actual reality. If society is intelligent enough to invent such a technology it should be able to determine and control its consequences. Often times in the past, society as a whole has been subject to decisions made by those of the creators of new technology. Without the direction and influence of society upon virtual reality it could go to waste, or even worse, turn into society’s enemy of sorts.


No matter how much society is aware of virtual reality, the human brain still has instincts that cannot be controlled. That is one of the drawbacks of virtual reality. That no one is sure what to expect. Just as with any other technology, the only way to find out the results of virtual reality is to test the limits. Knowing the virtual reality has the ability to affect so many people in such a large number of ways there needs to be some kind of limitation. This brings up another key controversy as to who should be in control of limiting this virtual world. If the government is in control it could likely be abused and mishandled. However, if society as a whole is left to contemplate its uses, the affects could be either good or bad. Although society knows a lot about virtual reality there is still so much that it doesn’t know. Perhaps in the coming years, new technology will come out and people will learn more about this virtual world. However, until that time, the question will remain numerous and doubtful yet the possibilities are unlimited.

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