Write an Essay/Article on the Railway Coolie

The Railway coolie is a useful member of the society. He is a hard working man. Whenever you go to the station you are sure to meet him. He will carry your luggage from and to the platform.

His Appearance

The railway coolie generally belongs to poor class. He has a sun, burnt face. His neck is quite thick. he has a broad chest and bulky shoulders. His arms are brawny and his legs are stout and strong. He is seen sometimes with a small weight like the handbags and sometimes with heavy trunks and suitcases. He carries whatever he gets and earns whatever he can. He reminds busy all day long and during the while night. He sleeps in the platform. He seems to be a beast of burden. He knows no holiday. In the summer his work is hard. Perspiration stand all over his body. Still he goes along with heavy loads on his back.

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His Dress

He always wears shabby dress. A dirty red or blue shirt and a pair of colored (Red and Blue) pajamas make his dress that he wears. He has orders to put on a belt round his waist. But he does not do so. He puts on a brass badge on his left arm. It bears its license number.

His Work and Wages

A railway coolie earns his bread by working hard. He carries loads from one platform to another, from over the bridge and down the stairs, from the railway compartment to another and so forth. He chares some money per trip. Whenever he renders service to fashionable lady or a gentle man he asks for higher wages. Sometimes he earns a good baksheesh.


His Habits

Railway coolies are generally cunning. They are dishonest. The cheat innocent people. They do not spare even the poor people. They cheat them. For this reason we have began to hate them. As a coolie he ahs to work hard for his bread. He works in sun and rain in heat and cold. Hence we should not mind his unfair demand. We should give him a good wages.

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