9 tips to an exporter for developing strong relationships with agents

In order to develop relationship with agents the exporters should :

1. Remember that they are part of the export firm even in the worst conditions.

2. Give them all the information available for the products, especially new products being developed, and ask for their views on the market potential of these products.

3. Help them to sell, especially for providing information on successful new ways of selling developed by agents in other countries.

4. Convey any information that they may receive regarding any new importer.

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5. Seek their assistance in preparing marketing plans.

The exporters should not :

6. Send them circular letters. Treat them as individuals.


7. Ask for too much information/services unless they offer to pay for them extra. An agent’s primary task is to sell.

8. Expect instant success, but do not forget him/her.

9. Allow anyone to contact the agent without his/her proper introduction.

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