Complete information on labeling, its checklist and features

Labeling is the process of fixing labels on the export product. Its main purpose is to inform the consumer essential details in respect of the product as regards its quantity, quality, how to use and maintain it. Many a time, the foreign buyers insist on inclusion of a particular type of label to comply with the regulation of their country. Different countries have different regulation as regards labeling of the product.

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One of the most common regulations is in respect of origin of the goods i.e. a product must carry the label to indicate the country in which it has been manufactured. For example, in Germany the label must indicate the quality of the material used on the label. Thus, if a garment is made of 100% cotton fabric, then the label fixed on the garment should state that it is made of 100% cotton. In Oman, use of adhesive label is prohibited by law. Each label has to be printed both in English and Arabic language.

In Canada, the label on each package should be printed both in English and French and it should contain the mandatory information in regard to name of the product and its type, weight/size of the product, country of origin, and address of the manufacture and lot number of the consignment with date of manufacture.


The exporter should thus, ascertain the large requirement as regards labeling of the product as applicable in different countries and also plan for the commercially useful information to be given on the product.

Check List of Information on a Label

Every label should contain the following information:

1. Information to satisfy the legal requirements of particular country.

2. Instruction for taking care of the product.


3. Dimensions of the product i.e., size, weight, thickness etc.

4. Inputs used i.e., the contents of the material used in the manufacture of the product.

5. Instruction for the use of the product.

6. Country of foreign.


7. Name and address of manufacture.

8. Lot number of the consignment

9. Date of manufacture and date of its expiry.

10. Brief information about those who made it. It is particularly relevant in the case of items of handicrafts other creative items.

Features of good Quality Label

A good quality label has the following feature:

1. It includes all the relevant information.

2. It is printed in the language of the importer’s country.

3. It is appropriate to the product. For instance, a label in the form of adhesive sticker on a leather purse or on a wooden article would not be appropriate as it would damage the product.

4. It should be developed taking into consideration the color and shape preferences of the prospective buyers.

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