How to check shipping Documents ?

The checking of shipping documents  can be done in the following way :


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1. The CHA / exporter must make the actual booking of cargo with the airlines in advance and the carting order is obtained. Even the airway bill is also taken in advance of the arrival of the flight.

2. The CHA / exporter presents both the original and the duplicate of the SDF to the superintendent, central registration unit (CRU) who signs the SDF forms and allots the running 10-digit RBI code number on the SDF forms and returns them to the CHA / exporter.


3. After the allotment of the RBI code number, the CHA/ exporter submit the Annexure A or B as the case may be, to the service centre at the customs station.

4. The service centre hands over the check list to the CHA / exporter for confirmation of the entries. The CHA / exporter sign it and return it to the service centre for generation of the shipping bill for nothing and further processing.

5. The service center generates the shipping bill and shipping bill number is automatically allotted for follow up.

6. The CHA / exporter submit all the export documents as detailed above to the export department of the customs for checking. The customs officer examines the documents to ascertain whether the value and quantity of the goods is as per the export order / letter of credit and whether the formalities as regard exchange control, licensing, pre-shipment inspection if applicable, have been completed. On being satisfied about the documents, the customs officer examining the documents determines the extent of physical examination of the goods and the official is assigned to conduct the examination of the goods.


7. In the case of export of dutiable goods, the CHA / exporter is asked to pay for the export cess. After payment of the export cess the receipt (copy of the TR6 challan) is submitted to the accounts department of the customs.

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