How to export goods to U.S. market ?

The exporter should observe the following guidelines for planning his/her strategy for entry to the US Market:

1. The exporter should not treat the US market as a homogeneous whole; it is heterogeneous in character with 50 different states. Each region has a different buying pattern, climate and the commercial laws. Thus, the exporter should not try to penetrate the entire US market. The intensive marketing strategy should be followed to concentrate all the efforts in one region for successful marketing of the product.

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2. The exporter should find the established channels of distribution and try to develop the relationship with the chosen trade channels. Each product line has a well established channel in USA, the most prominent being the sales representatives.


3. The exporter should understand why the US consumer would buy the product offered by him. The basic driving force for the buying decision of the US buyer is the convenience in using/handling the product. Thus, the exporter should keep in mind the convenience of the buyer while designing the product.

4. The exporter should not feel put off if the US executive tells him that he is too busy and can spare not more than a minute for him. (They normally pretend to do so!) The exporter should get to the point fast and emphasize to the US partner how his product and his company can help him make money. It is important to remember the basic instinct of the US buyers is to make money and they are governed by this basic instinct while dealing with other businessman.

5. The exporter should not give up too soon if the response from the US buyer is not forthcoming. The exporter should try to understand clearly as to what the US buyer is looking for. Is he looking for price or quality or after sale service or the delivery time? He should understand as to what is the prime concern of the US buyer and accordingly plan the strategy for negotiations.

6. The exporter should recognize the importance of promotion of the product in the US market. Participation in trade fairs or even visiting the trade fair, advertisement in the trade journals of industry association or on the leading web sites are very effective means of promotion of the items in the US market.


7. The exporter should collect the information with regard to the following points while formulating his strategy for access to the US market:

a) Product i.e. the region where there is a demand for the product

b) Buying patterns

c) Price, quality and quantity

d) Channel of distribution

e) State of competition

f) Competitive prices

g) Details of prospective buyers

8. The exporter should always quote the FOB price in US dollars.

9. There are lots of trade opportunities in the US market. It is for the exporter to find them and use them to his advantage. This requires direct positive vigorous action for success in US market.

10. The services of professional market research firm should be taken in USA to identify the buyer and necessary details as regards regulations affecting the export product.

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