Information on certification for quality under ISO -9000 series of standards

A large number of companies in EU buying goods and services from 01.01.1993 demand from their supplier’s adherence to ISO: 9000 Series of standards. European Union (EU) comprises 15 member states namely Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Austria and Finland. It should be clearly understood that the purchasing power of EU is tremendous, and India can ill afford to keep silent at the changing scenario in the EU market. In fact, EU is the leader in World Trade followed by U.S.A. and Japan.

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Over the years, the European Union has emerged as India’s largest trading partner. India can sustain this position only if Indian Industry could adopt ISO: 9000 series of standards. The ability of Indian exporters to carve out a better share of EU market will also help Indian in promoting its products and services in other developed countries of the world outside EU on the strength of improved quality reputation and competitive edge of out products and serviced by adhering to ISO: 9000 Series of Standards.

Presently, the EU has issued directive to allow imports of various products only if these are certified for quality under ISO -9000 series of standards. These products are as follows:


1. Toys

2. Simple pressure vessels

3. Electromagnetic Compatibility

4. Gas Appliances


5. Personal protective equipment

6. Machinery

7. Medical devices (Active & Non-Active)

8. Active Implantable Medical Devices


9. Non-Automatic Weight Instruments

10. Telecommunication Terminal Equipment

11. Upholstered furniture

12. Recreational craft

13. Pressure vessels

14. Lifting Equipment (e.g. Ski-Lifts)

15. Marine Equipment

16. Equipment in Explosive Atmosphere

17. Temporary Structures (e.g. Scaffolding Fairground Equipment)

18. Children’s Playground Equipment

19. Medical Diagnostic Kits.

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