Tips to an exporter for properly planning his sales promotion

The exporter should bear in mind that success in business requires establishing links with the prospective buyers. Whatever market entry strategy is adopted by the exporter, he would need to communicate effectively and in a persuasive manner with the prospective buyer.

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This requires developing suitable sales promotion literature to enable the prospective buyer to make his own assessment of the exporter firm. The literature could be in the form of pamphlet or a catalogue or company/ profile. The exporter should very carefully plan for the information to be given in the literature. As required information relates to the export company and its product, the following list of subject/information can be used as reference guide to plan for the sales literature.

Company Information:

1. Company name, address, telephone, fax and telex numbers, cable address


2. Product lines, brand names.

3. Nature of operations

4. Ownership pattern

5. Year of establishment


6. Size of company, in terms of sales volume, number of employees, capital invested and so on.

7. Description of plants and major equipment

8. Sources of technology

9. Raw materials used


10. Present export business: volume, markets, major customers.

11. Sales representatives

12. People: top management: name, experience, technical and production heads: professional qualifications.

13. Quality control system used

14. Staff training

15. Banking and other references

16. Terms of business

17. Quantities available

18. Seasonal availability

19. Model or part numbers

20. Guarantees/warranties

21. Prices

22. Ordering information, and

23. Shipping and warehousing

Product Information

1. Basic description

2. Brand Name

3. Uses of the product

4. Characteristics of the product

5. Special features and advantages

6. Dimensions, Sizes

7. Colors

8. Technical specification

9. Performance data

10. International standards followed

11. Contents i.e., materials mix used

12. Options available

13. Manufacturing process used

14. Instructions for use, and

15. Packaging

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