What are the benefits the export firm would get from the Uruguay Round ?

The export firms the world over would benefit from the Uruguay Round in number of ways. Firstly, the exporters would get greater market access for their products in different export market. The reasons being that almost all tariffs of developed countries and a high proportion of those of the developing and transitional economies have been bound against further increases by the Uruguay Round. This binding ensures that the improved market access resulting from tariff reductions will not be disrupted by sudden increases in rates of duties or the imposition of other restrictions by importing countries. Consequently, the export firms can make investment and production plans under conditions of certainty.

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Secondly, the Uruguay Round has also ensured stability of access to export markets by ensuring that all countries would follow the rules agreed under the Uruguay Round for determining the dutiable value for customs purposes, for inspecting products to ascertain conformity to mandatory standards, or for the issue of import licenses etc. The adoption of such uniform rules helps export enterprises by eliminating dissimilarities in the requirements of different markets.

Thirdly, as the exporters have to often import various raw materials, intermediate products and services for export production purposes, the uniformity in the application of rules regarding imports give assurance to the exporters that they can obtain their requirements without delay and at competitive costs. Furthermore, tariff bindings under the agreements indicate to importers that their importing costs will not be inflated by the imposition of higher customs duties.

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