What are the documentation required in case of shipment through Inland container depot (ICD) ?

The facilities for shipment of goods using containers are available at the following inland container deports (ICDs) and container freight stations (CFS):


a. Tughlakabad, New Delhi

b. Patpar Ganj, Delhi


c. Faridabad, Haryana

d. Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

e. Anaparti, Andhra Pradesh

f. Bangalore, Karnataka


g. Amingaon, Guwahati

h. Dhandarikalan, Ludhiana

i. Coimbatore


j. Sabarmati, Gujarat

k. Chinchwad, Pune

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l. Moradabad, UP

m. Panipat, Haryana

n. Muland, Mumbai

The ICDs/CFSs provide facilities for container stuffing, forwarding and clearing through customs, storage of empty containers etc.

The shipments using containers are sent by sea through shipping liners. Since the process of customs clearance e of shipments is completed at the ICD/CFS, there is no special documentation involved; the documents required for custom clearance of shipment by sea are applicable in this case too.

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