What are the documents required in the case of shipment by Air or Sea ?

The following documents are required for customs clearance of the shipment of goods by Air/Sea.

1. Shipping Bill (appropriate type) in quadruplicate or the Annexure A or B (in the case of computerized processing of export documents)

2. Commercial Invoice

3. Exchange Control declaration form GR or SDF as applicable (original and duplicate)


4. Copy of letter of credit/copy of export order/export contract duly attested by bank

5. Packing list

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6. Certificate of Origin or GSP Certificate of Origin


7. Shipper’s Declaration form for export of goods under

a. Claim of duty draw back or

b. Anticipation of issue of an advance license /DEEC or

c. DEEC scheme or


d. Without certification from Export Inspection Agency

8. ARE. 1 duly approved by the central excise officer or invoice showing clearance of excisable goods.

Additional Documents: (if required)

1. Export License

2. Pre-shipment Inspection certificate

3. Marine Insurance policy certificate in triplicate

4. Antiquity certificate in case of export of antiques issued by archeological survey of India.

5. Special customs/consular legalized invoice

6. Freight Declaration

7. Declaration of quality, value and specification.

8. Any particular declaration/statement/certificate/documents required by the customs in respect of such particular shipment.

In the case of shipment by sea, the exporter is required to submit, in addition to the documents described above, the following document required by the port trust authorities:

a. Port Trust copy of the shipping Bill

b. Cart chit / vehicle ticket / export cargo ticket

The port trust copy of the shipping bill is referred to as Dock Challan at the Calcutta port Trust; Export Application at Chennai; Cochin and port trust copy at Mumbai port trust.

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