What are the duties of carrier in relation to carriage of goods by sea ?

The carriage of goods by sea act, 1925 lays down the following duties on the carrier of goods by sea from an Indian port.

1. The carrier shall be bound, before and at the beginning of the voyage, to exercise due diligence to:

a) Make the ship seaworthy;

What Is the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act? (with picture)

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b) Properly man, equip and supply the ship;

c) Make the holds refrigeration and cool chambers, and all other parts of the ship in which the goods are carried fit and safe, for their reception, carriage and preservation.

2. Subject to the provisions of this act, the carrier shall properly load, handle, stow, carry, keep, care for and discharge the goods carried.

3. After receiving the goods into his charge, the carrier or the master or agent of the carrier shall, on demand of the shipper, issue to the shipper, a bill of lading showing the prescribed particulars.

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