What are the duties of Export Manager ?

Once a decision is taken to establish export business, the first and the foremost task is to plan to secure an export order. After confirming the order to the buyer, the next step is to create an organization structure for it and create the required team of personnel for its execution. Export Manager is key person. The success or otherwise of the export order depends, to a great extent; on how efficiently (or otherwise) he handles the order. He is required to maintain liaison with the importer, prepare plans for its implementation and issue necessary executive instructions to the export staff. He has also to evolve an information system so that there is a regular flow of information on the progress of the order. If the various tasks are not being done as per prescribed schedules, he has to analyze the variances and tasks and take suitable corrective measures, if necessary, for the purpose and finally submit report on the progress of work to the top management. The duties  performed by the export manager are as follows

Exporting 101 for Small Businesses

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a. Procurement of export order

b. Planning for export order execution


c. Direction for exports

d. Export order execution

e. Importer liaison

f. Export order evaluation


g. Reprogramming

h. Reporting on export order execution

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