What are the essential services provided by C and F agent ?

The following are some of the services provided by all kinds of C & F agents :

1. Providing warehousing facility to the exporters for warehousing the goods before their transportation to the docks/port.

2. Transportation of goods to the docks and arrangements of warehousing at the port.

3. Arrangement of containers required for shipment of the goods.

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4. Booking of shipping space or air freighting.

5. Advising the exporter as regards the relative cost of sending the goods by different airlines/shipping lines as well as selection of the route of the flight/ sea route.

6. Marking arrangements for shipment of goods to be on board the ship/ plane.


7. Arranging for marine/ cargo insurance of shipment.

8. Preparation and processing of shipping documents required for custom clearance.

9. Arranging for various endorsements/issue of certificates from various agencies.

10. Providing assistance in the packing of the shipment.


11. Making arrangements for local transportation of goods to the port/docks.

12. Forwarding the documents to the exporter for their negotiation with the bank.

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