What are the functions of packing ?

The various functions of packing are as follows:

1. It holds the product for the total duration of the transport and distribution chain.

2. It protects the product from getting broken or being otherwise spoilt, from the time of manufacturing until the product reaches its final user.

3. It makes the transport and handling of the product as easy as possible. The boxes that are easy and quick to handle would be more competitive than others in Europe because manual handling is costly there.

Packing Tips

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4. It informs various people in the transport and distribution chain about the identity destination of the product and how it should be handled and stored, recycled or disposed of. If the product is sold in a retail package, this has to contain information related to the product, its producer and its handling.

5. It is also the task of the packing to make the transport and distribution of the product economical. This requirement means that the total cost has to be considered not only the price of the packing. Total cost includes all costs from the time when the product is manufactured until the product reaches the end-user and the empty package is recycled or disposed of. When goods arrive at their destination, packing is the first thing that the buyer sees. If the boxes look untidy, damaged or dirty, the first impression of the products and of the manufacturer is one of low value.

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