What are the procedure for pre-shipment Inspection and the issue of exempt visa certificate ?

The exporter of India items should complete the following registration formalities before submitting the application for pre-shipment inspection and the issue of exempt visa certificate:

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1. Apply for registration of the export firm with the regional office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) on the prescribed form.

2. Obtain Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) from the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts.


Once the basic registration formalities are completed, then the exporter should approach the Head/ Regional office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) for pre-shipment inspection and the issue of the Exempt Visa Certificate. For this purpose, the application should be submitted on the prescribed form along with the following documents:

1. Six copies of commercial invoice.

2. Six copies of special customs invoice (for U.S.A only)

3. G.R.1 form (for U.S.A. only)


4. Photostat / attested copy of buyers/importer’s order.

5. One copy of packing list

6. Photostat copy of R.C.M.C with Export promotion council for handicrafts.

7. One sample of each item.


8. Prescribed Declarations on the letter head and the invoice.

9. Prescribed affidavit on Rs. 5/- stamp paper

The exporter should indicate the following information on the invoice besides the usual information given on the commercial invoice:

1. Name and address of exporter.

2. Name and address of importer.

3. Mode of shipment and port of destination.

4. Description “INDIA-ITEMS” viz. Hand printed. /Hand Embroidered/ hand Appliquéd.

5. Value per Piece for each item and total F.O.B. value in currency of contract/order and also in Indian Rupees.

6. Net weight / gross weight in Kgs.

7. No. and type of packages.

8. Shipping marks.

9. Prescribed declaration

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