What benefits are available for an exporter of services ?

The exporter of services is eligible for the following benefits:

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1. The service providers are eligible for the facility of EPCG scheme to import capital goods at concessional rate of import duty of 5%.

2. The service providers can also establish the unit as EOU or set up the unit in export processing zone/special economic zone/software Technology Park and thereby enjoy all the benefits available to similar units in these zones.


3. The service providers are also allowed to import drawings, designs, integrated circuits and lay out designs, software in the diskettes and CDs related to their line of services without obtaining a license as a part of their passenger baggage.

4. The service providers can also import restricted items required by them for providing services including office and other equipment required for their own processional use for maximum amount equal to 10% of the foreign exchange earned by them during the preceding licensing year.

5. The service providers can also seek recognition as service export house. International service export house, international star service export house and international super star service export house. The recognition of service exporter can be obtained on the basic of total gross foreign exchange earnings during the current year or 1/2/3 preceding licensing years:

6. The service providers in the hotel industry i.e. recognized hotels of the category of three star and above and other registered service providers in this sector can apply for the grant of advance license for duty free import of consumables and spares up to 5% of their average foreign exchange earnings of the previous three years. This will be subject to actual user condition. The facility will not be available in respect of certain sensitive items in a negative list to be notified for this purpose.

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