What does a brand name convey ?

A brand name conveys to the prospective buyers the promise of its seller to deliver the product with the specific set of attributes, benefits, features and the services associated with the product. It may also represent the culture of the country of its origin or5 it can even project a certain personality.

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For example, an executive of its origin or it can even project a certain personality. For example, an executive shirt may project the image of confident executive or a no non-sense boss. Once the brand is established, it represents the quality of the product and the services one can expect from its seller. This, in turn, helps a seller to establish a clientele for the product. The brand should therefore, be regularly nurtured so that the image conveyed through the brand, i.e., the brand image is not spoiled. Branding should be viewed as a major issue in the product strategy.

The values, culture and personality represented through a product are the most enduring meanings of a brand name. These are, in fact, the very essence of the brand. The brand should be promoted for a combination of the meanings represented by it rather than concentrating on the benefits of the products of the product alone as that can be very risky because the competitors can challenge the brand by introducing the product with better attributes.

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