What is E-commerce and what are the guidelines followed while using it for exports ?

E-commerce can be defined as a comprehensive electronic system of treading that uses networks of computers for buying and selling goods, information and services. These networks of computer may be private (accessible only to a select group) or public network like internet. E-commerce integrates various technologies such as E-mail, Electronic payment system (EPS), Bulletin Board system (BBS), World Wide Web (WWW), Electronic Forms; Electronic Data interchange (EDI) and similar technique in to electronic system of trading.

8 Steps to Building a Perfect Ecommerce Site

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This system is comprehensive in the sense that it can be used in most of the stages involved in the buying-selling process. E-commerce differs from the traditional method of commerce in that E-commerce combines IT, telecommunication technology and business process to make it feasible to do business in way that could not be even through off earlier. It opens of new avenues of trading and improves efficiency and effectiveness of conventional business processes, markets and services.

As a consequence, E-commerce is emerging as an important system of trading of good and service both in domestic and foreign market. The advantages of E-commerce are more profound in the case of international trade than the domestic trade in view of the global reach of internet and the reduced transaction costs. The most successful business model of E-commerce is the business to business (B2B) E-commerce which is also perhaps the most successful modal in the international trade as well.

Using E-Commerce For Exports : Some Useful Guidelines

The export firm may find the following guidelines to be useful for effective utilization of E-commerce infrastructure and its full exploitation for making the export business successful:


1. Make the Web site easy to access by using a minimal number of graphics and photographs.

2. Know what the target audiences want on the site.

3. Provide for and encourage feedback option.


4· Establish discussion group to discuss industry trends, answer question etc.

5· States the firm’s business philosophy.

6· Post business collaboration opportunities.

7· Have a guest book, allowing those who wish to continue to receive information to register their names.


8· Use the logical key words of the business as button links.

9· Creates a section of the satisfied customer to record there observation/comments.

10· Have a section on most frequently asked questions and provide there answer.

11· Promise to and answer e-mail within three days.

12· Provide information on any quality or registration makes the firm has received.

13· Link the site to other organizations and firms so that the viewers can find more information on the industry.

14· Provide educational information about the product or service.

15· Provide an order from on the web-site.

16· Give the latest news on the industry.

Provide small, clear photographs of the product, but try to use “cartoon” designs or lines art to limit down loading time.

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