10 disadvantages of lecture method in teaching geography


Disadvantages of in teaching geography are listed below:

The disadvantages of lecture method can be as under:

(i) In this method the student’s participation is negligible and students become passive recipients of information.

(ii) In this method we are never sure if the students are concentrating and understanding the subject matter being taught to them by the teacher.

(iii) In this method knowledge is imparted so rapidly that weak students develop a hatred for learning.

(iv) It does not allow all the faculties of the student to develop.

(v) In this method there is no place of ‘learning by doing’.

world-geography-pictures- ...

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(vi) It does not take into account the previous knowledge of the student.

(vii) It does not provide for corrective feedback and remedial help to slow learners.

(viii) It does not cater to the individual needs and differences of students.

(ix) It does not keep inculcating scientific attitudes and training in scientific method among the pupils.

(x) It is an undemocratic and authoritarian method in which students depend only on the authority of the teacher. They cannot challenge or question the verdict of the teacher. This checks the development of power of critical thinking and proper reasoning in the student.


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