10 important role of teacher in project method in teaching geography

Role of teacher in project method in teaching geography are:

(i) In project method of teaching the role of a teacher is that of a guide, friend and philosopher.

(ii) He helps the students in solving their problems just like an elder brother.

(iii) He encourages his students to work collectively, amicably in the group.

(iv) He also helps his students to avoid mistakes.

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(v) He makes it a point that each member of the group contributes something to the completion of the project and in this process helps the shy and weaker students to work along with their class mates.

(vi) If the students face failure during execution of some steps of the project the teacher should not execute any portion of the project but should only explain to his students the reasons of their failure and should suggest them some better methods or techniques that may be used by them next time for the success of the project

(vii) During the execution step teacher also learns something.


(viii) Teacher should always remain alert and active during execution, step and see that the project goes to completion successfully.

(ix) During execution of the project teacher should maintain a democratic atmosphere.

(x) Teacher must be well read and well informed so that he can help the students to the successful completion of the project.

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