11 importance of teaching aids in the process of teaching Geography

Teaching aids should be used to supplement the process of teaching. Most of the teaching aids are sensory aids and their function is to make teaching concrete, effective and interesting.

Geographical aids are the means of modernization of methods of teaching geography in schools.

In the absence of teaching aids geography lesson becomes dry and ineffective. Field work and practical work also form an important part in the teaching of geography.

Pictorial illustrations are the most commonly used aids in teaching of geography.

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Various types of teaching aids such as optical instruments, models, charts, atlases etc. are used in teaching of geography. All these aids are important for a geography teacher because he can make his lesson more illustrative and explanatory by making use of one or more of these teaching aids.

(i) These aids help the teacher in getting the attention of his students.

(ii) These aids help in creating the interest of the student in the topic and activate the mental process of the students.


(iii) The student gets an opportunity to get a firsthand experience by visualizing some concrete things, living specimens and actual demonstrations etc.

(iv) Use of teaching aids help to have a clear conception of ideas, information, facts and principles.

(v) It helps the students in understanding some complicated and difficult concepts.

(vi) They provide an opportunity for a change in the monotonous atmosphere that generally prevails in a class room.


(vii) They provide an opportunity for a better support between the teacher and his pupil.

(viii) They help the students to develop a scientific attitude.

(ix) They provide training in scientific method.

(x) They can be used in bigger classes.

(xi) Use of such aids is based on the principles of psychology.

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