13 drawbacks of project method in teaching geography

Drawbacks of project method in teaching geography are:

(i) Projects require a lot of time.

(ii) Though the method provides the student superficial know­ledge of so many things it provides insufficient knowledge of some fundamental principles.

(iii) In the project planning and execution of the project the teacher is required to put in much more work in com­parison to other methods of teaching.


(iv) The teacher has been assumed as master of all subjects who is practically not possible.

(v) Good text books on these lines have not yet been produced., “I've written textbooks for two years. I've...

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(vi) It is an expensive method it involves tours, excursions, purchase of apparatus and equipment etc.


(vii) The method of organizing instructions is unsystematised and thus the regular time table of work will be upset.

(viii) The method may fit those who cannot listen but it is very questionable if it has the same value for those who can listen.

(ix) The method leaves a gap in pupil’s knowledge.

(x) It underestimates man’s power of imagination which enables him to savor the full experience of another without the necessity of undergoing the experience himself.


(xi) Sometimes the projects may be too ambitious and beyond pupils capacity to accomplish.

(xii) Larger projects in hands of an inexperienced teacher lead to boredom.

(xiii) The education given by projects is likely to emphasize relationships in breadth than in depth.

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